Why Give?

There is a topic that I rarely talk about, but it’s one that I care deeply about and that is giving. It’s not that I don’t want to spread the word, or that I don’t want to make people aware, it’s just that I feel that giving – how much and to whom – should be something between myself and the person/organization I am giving to. However, there is something I feel I need to share, because it was a public endeavor, and it really brought me joy when I read the email at the beginning of the month and I hope that inspires you somehow.

In 2009, I decided to do a campaign for charity:water called Charity for Christmas, instead of presents I asked friends and family to donate to the organization to raise money to help build a well. I felt that the organization was very transparent and I always felt satisfied when I interacted with them, so, since I liked them I thought it would be a fun thing to do. 

Two years later (the campaign ended in January of 2010) I received an email that the money raised was used towards a well in Kota Village, Ethiopia. To see the picture above of people using the actual well that the money went towards building brings me great joy. I am truly thankful for all the people who were a part of this campaign with me. We might not have financed the entire thing, we might not have dug the well, but the little you did helped bring water to a community that needs it.

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