Doctor What? Doctor Who?

In an attempt to catch up with Doctor Who, I have been watching it on and off on NetFlix since May.

I checked the tweets I had during my Series 1 Episode 1, I was obviously not impressed:

Cheesy opening montage? Check! #DWS1E1

Not with the show and not with Jackie Tyler:

OMG this mother …. This woman …wow #DWS1E1

Or the dialogue:

I can suspend belief but this is so corny. This dialogue …. This …. #DWS1E1

I was impressed with TARDIS though … like all other humans seem to be:

“The inside’s bigger than the outside?” This TARDIS scene is unbelievable. #DWS1E1

Though, not impressed with Mickey

Also, Rose’s boyfriend is whimpy. #DWS1E1

However, the more I kept watching, the more my tweets changed and well …

I really like the historical settings for the Doctor Who episodes. Especially when we get to meet famous people from history.

I even found an episode that I could call my favourite …

I think this steampunk episode of Doctor Who is my favourite.

Well, a few actually, like this …

Enid Blyton mention! I think I might have found my fave Doctor Who episode yet! #Doctorwho

and this …

I wish I had a library as big as the on on Doctor Who:

Let’s just say I’m officially a Whovian.

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