Vanity Plates

This showed up in my RSS reader today, 20 Hilarious Vanity License Plates. Which made me think immediately of the pictures of vanity plates that I’ve seen around NYC. Some are funny, some are … strange; so here goes (and excuse the poor cellphone quality) –

10 Vanity Plates from around my city!

We have our hobby plates.

I'm going to guess that this person loves to knit.

Our positive plates.

Enjoy it? What?

A heart of gold? Did you just cut me off?

The religious Plates

I get the Yes Lord, but why the 1?

The name plates.

I wonder, what's that driver's name?

This category I like to call the snooty Prius owners plates.

Is this really necessary?

I hope the Prius stays around for a long time

The confusing plates

Are you a telemarketer? Or a phony?

The random “huh?” plates.

Company? Or misspelled three headed dog?

Then, there is my personal favourite!

I really hope you're not a librarian!

Now, for a bonus, this is one I saw just before I posted this, it’s almost like┬áserendipity!

showing up in THAT car? You sir are a Playa indeed.