Restaurant Week by Pictures

Park Avenue Winter

The decor in Park Avenue Winter was fabulous – I wish I took a photo. The food was wonderful and eating in such a beautiful environment only made it more gratifying.

For dinner, I ordered the Crab Cake, the Short Ribs and the Gingerbread Pudding. Everything was delicious, but the star of the meal was the Gingerbread Pudding. I was expecting the creamy sort, but instead it as the cake sort and it was delightful (and delicious) surprise.


Vandal New York

First off, I would completely miss Vandal if I wasn’t paying attention. The front looks like a store that sells plants, and the name is nowhere to be found. While waiting for my friends, there were a lot of confused people who stepped in, then stepped outside again, looked up to see what the sign said (there wasn’t any) then walked in again.

The decor inside is beautiful. There are different themes scattered throughout, the table where we were sitting had photos on the wall from when they were decorating the interior. We sat under this lovely lamp.

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Vandal had some unique light fixtures.

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I would call the food a fusion of many different cuisines. For example, I ate the Korean Rice Cake dish for appetizer and Churros with Spicy Chocolate for dessert. For the main course, it was steak on top of fried rice, topped with an egg. Everything was tasty.

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Get in my belly!! #restaurantweek

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#teampixel #restaurantweek oh, hello steak!

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Churros! #teampixel #restaurantweek

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Restaurant Week: Le Cirque

Nothing beats the winter chill than being indoors and trying new foods. A few friends and I went to Le Cirque to sample some French Cuisine. For those who do not know, Restaurant Week happens twice a year in New York City and participating restaurants offer lunch and dinner for a fixed price. You get to chose an appetizer, entree and dessert from a set menu.

The restaurant is located on 58th Street, between Lexington and 3rd Avenue. I’m not much for explaining design and decor, but it did not have a stuffy, pretentious feeling even though it was a very dressy place. I think the colours and the monkeys won me over. What can I say, I’m a sucker for monkeys.

Venison and Pistachio Sausage

For appetizer I ordered the Venison and Pistachio Sausage (with celery root and pickled cherries) , for entree the Bavette Steak (with parsnip purée, sweet and sour mushrooms, and watercress) and for dessert the Crème Brûlée Le Cirque. Wherever there is a French influenced restaurant and Crème Brûlée is on the menu, I’m having it!

Everything was good! The sausage was tender and yummy! Not tough, not gamey, not chewy, but melt in your mouth good.

I am not a big steak lover but I absolutely enjoyed the steak. It was tender – easy to cut into. I didn’t have to wrestle it into submission and that for me is a major plus. I dislike fighting with my food – unless it’s throwing pies at people. The dessert was what I’d refer to as a pretty good Crème Brûlée. The best part of it was the secret message waiting for me at the end.

Overall service was great. So thanks to Evelyn who organized this all.

I am in no way a food critic, nor do I ever plan on getting into that field. However, hanging out at restaurants that one would not normally go to; eating a meal with friends and having a good time with each other while judging the food served is one of the things I love about New York’s Restaurant Week! So if you’re in New York and you have the chance to experience this, then go for it! Try something new, you might like it.

a great meal + a relaxing place + lovely service = A Good Time in NYC!