Anxiety; Attack of the Telephone

My car needed an oil change. I looked at my phone, willing it to make the appointment for me. How difficult is it to pick it up, dial the number, go through the motions? It’s not very hard, but, just the idea of speaking to a stranger on the phone brought on unwanted anxiety.

I took a moment to compose myself. “You can do this, just pick up the phone and dial the number.” My little pep talk to myself.

I punched the numbers into the phone as quickly as I could, trying to keep them straight and not mix them up as I sometimes do. It rang, the automated voice came on. Following the prompts I reached the servicing department, “Services, how can I help you?”

Once the appointment was made, I ended the call, put the phone down and let out the breathe that I was holding, finally relaxing.

I noticed my anxiety and wondered, why. Why, after all these years, do I still not want to talk on the phone? Why is it so hard to talk to a stranger, even if it’s to make an appointment? I don’t know the answer, but it’s something to think about.

HTC Thunderbolt, I haz it.

It’s not a secret, I’ve been hating on my blackberry for almost a year now, so when the HTC Thunderbolt was quietly released last week, I practically ran to the Verizon store and bought it.

I have not regretted this decision.

Look at it. It’s so pretty!

I love the weather widget, with it’s animated clouds, or sunlight, or rain. I love that it’s Google’s platform so Google syncs seamlessly with it. After all, I have everything Google.

Google helps me with my email accounts (yes, many). My calendar, my contacts, my Google Voice and my chat. I also use Google for Google Docs and Google Reader. I use these things every day. So having them on my phone is a huge plus!

The calendar widget is one of my favourites. Not only does it show you your Google Calendar, but it syncs your other mail calendars and your Facebook calendar in there as well. So I know when I have meetings, or when I have personal events, or when someone’s birthday is coming up. I’m really bad at remembering dates and names, so this is perfect for me.

As it’s on the 4G LTE network, the phone seems to run as fast as my wifi connection. When I was first using it, I almost forgot I was on my phone – that’s how fast it was. This does have a downside to it though, since the phone can be used as a hotspot, I can see myself wanting to tether my phone to my laptop a lot! Not much of a downside for people who need it, but a downside for me because now I am always connected (or can be). Verizon also has the hotspot setup for free until May 15th, so that doesn’t help, as I love trying it out and it is amazing!

The camera quality is great for a phone. I haven’t recorded anything yet, but I’m sure video would be great as well.

The phone is wider than your normal phones, so that will take some getting use to, but over all I’m extremely happy with my new toy! If you’re on Verizon, look into getting it =)