A Particularly Bothersome Commute

It’s the second day and I’ve already broken the rules! But this story, while not about something I love, should still entertain.

Yesterday was the first of the month, I had to get a monthly pass for the LIRR and the train that I finally caught cancelled at Jamaica. Again. For the second time in three weeks. A wonderful start to the month. Hello Monday!

On my way back home, I boarded the D train just in time to hear the conductor, over the loud speaker, letting everyone know that there was a stalled train at 34th and we’re being held at the station.

The F train pulled into the station on the track across from the D and I decided, perhaps that line is working since this line is being held. So I got off the D train and got on to the F and guess what, the D train pulled out of the station.

Thinking, oh well, perhaps the issue has been resolved and the F will run, I stayed on the F train and watched as another D train pulled into the station – and then pull out of the station. The doors to the F train remained opened.

Another train, a B I believe, pulled into the station. Since two trains left the station on that track and the F train was still standing, doors opened, I left the F train and went into the B train, and one of the following happened:

  1. The B train pulled out of the station! Hurrah!
  2. The F train pulled out of the station. Boo.
  3. A unicorn walked into the train! What?!

If you guessed two, then you are correct.

At this point I gave up on the expectation of making it to Penn in time for my train, so I thought to myself, why not go over to the downtown track and take the train to Brooklyn, where I can get the next train home from Atlantic Terminal, after all, the downtown trains were coming and going all this time. So, out of the B train I went and over to the downtown track where, I found out that now, no B or D  downtown trains were running.


Welcome to New York.


On repeat: White Winter Hymnal by Pentatonix (original by Fleet Foxes)



Mondays are made of this …

I was minding my own business, sipping on my very caffeinated drink, contemplating important life decisions – should I take the train that stops 8 blocks away from the office, or one? – and generally minding my own Monday Morning business when a voice calls out, “EXCUSE ME!” and a woman tries – unsuccessfully – to push me out of the way, rushing in front of me to get down the stairs.

I stopped to allow her to go, I figured someone in such a hurry must either be running away from something, or running to something. Since it didn’t look like she was running away from anything, it might just be best to let her run to whatever she was in a hurry to get to and save myself some coffee stains.

I think she realised how rude she was being so she said I should go ahead, except, she didn’t say this politely, it was more along the lines of “No, no, go, go, go, go, go!” with each go getting louder and more urgent.

Figuring she really needed to go I indicated again that she should go ahead of me.

“Just go, I’m going to be late for work!” she said.

So, I went, taking the stairs one at a time, making a point to take my time and savor each of the 12 stairs. I familiarized myself with them, possibly naming a few of them along the way, as opposed to my usual morning stair-skipping trot.

As I smiled to myself the thought came to me, this is why I don’t like interacting with people. Now, I’m a story in this woman’s life. She’s going to go into work, grumpy and complaining about the girl in the yellow skirt who took her time down the stairs. She’ll tell her friends how I refused to go, even though she told me to go ahead in front of her and they will all shake their heads at my delinquency.

Of course, this is all in my head and by the time she gets to her destination she’d have forgotten all about me. But, just in case, here’s to all the ladies-in-a-hurry. Next time you want to push someone aside, just go ahead of them, or they might write a blog post about you.