Dinner at Tea and Sympathy

Yesterday I went to Tea and Sympathy to have dinner with my friend, Juyon. I love Tea and Sympathy, partly because it’s so small and quaint, and as J pointed out, it’s reminiscent of eating in someone’s kitchen, and partly because the staff have lovely english accents and are super friendly.

We had scones with jam and clotted cream. I wanted to try the crumpets, but the waitress said that the website was outdated and they haven’t served crumpets in a year, due to the fact that they kept eating the crumpets all day long.

We shared the Sussex Chicken – cornish hen, mash and peas.

And a side of macaroni and cheese. I had the best tea that I’ve tasted there yet, the Chocolate and Mint Rooibos, it was so good I picked 1/4 pound up to take home.
For dessert we shared the Treacle pudding (with custard), but alas, it was so good I got distracted, and only remembered to take a picture once it was all finished – and in record time.
I absolutely love Tea and Sympathy, and I’d really love to try their Sunday brunch!

Two for Tea

Entrance for Tea

One chilly Sunday in December, Mary and I decided to head to Lady Mendl’s for Afternoon Tea. Inside, Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon was decorated for Christmas with a lovely tree and teacups as ornaments which was a beautiful addition to the waiting room.

We were seated in one of their small dining rooms at a small table, it was intimate and cute. The staff served us everything, putting our teapots on a tea table to the side of our table. Mary had a chai tea while I tried something a little fruity. I don’t know what it is about warm fruit infused teas, but those are my favourites.

We were served a small appetizer, some tea sandwiches – loved the smoked salmon – and then scones with clotted cream. While not the best scones I’ve tasted in New York, their scones were bite sized and tasty. Everything was bite sized, and while initially it looked as though we might want to have second tea, by the time dessert came around both of us were quite full.

The cake was yummy and the strawberries were delicious, even though I was fighting to finish the last bite. After our 5 courses we finished our tea and took our leave. Looking back, it might have been a bit on the expensive side, but I enjoyed the atmosphere, the food and the company and I’d definitely go there again. It’s a wonderful place for a tea party!

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