A Sonnet from the Weekend

I told myself that I’m going to revise this sonnet before I post it, but who am I kidding, I am me, and being me I know that I’ll tuck it away and won’t look at it until a year or so later, at which point I’ll wonder why I even wrote it in the first place! 

But, this came out of a weekend away, where we did inductive bible study on some passages in Mark and where something struck me harder and a bowling ball on the head; my way is not necessarily God’s way and if I really believe that he’s all that, perhaps I should let him… well, have his way. 

So, here is first draft of a little poem I like to call…

Love – Not Always What I Expect

I want you to fulfill my heart’s desires
To listen to my wants and make them real
But instead I find frustration spirals
And tosses me as upon angry steel.

Now I must decide, should I keep telling?
Or should I pause, wait, see what you will do?
Suppose instead of telling I’m waiting?
Instead of demands, listening to you?

What if I let you do what you do best
And let you guide my paths and lead the way.
What if I let you handle all the rest
Would I find peace rather than disarray?

If I believe that you indeed know best
Then why not be amazed, truly impressed?


Poetic Endeavors

I’m on vacation!!! So, while I’m away, I’m going to be posting some things that I wrote in the past.
Below are some poems
That were written a while back.
This is a haiku.


Swirling madness
Thoughts race by
Slow down, quiet
Rest my child.

Make Me

“Give me”, he said
“Give me what’s mine
Give me what will
Belong to me in time.

“Give me the riches
That I might go out
Spend it in revelry
Without any doubt.”

Out into the world
The boy did go
And spending unthinking
His money ran low.

Looking for work
The lad couldn’t find
So down on his luck
He worked with the swine.

Hungry, alone
Friends no longer there
He suffered the deepest
Regret and despair .

A thought, minute
The lad did arise
And back to the father
He determined to stride.

“I left saying give me
I thought of myself
Now father please make me
I’ve need for your help.”

The father, forgiving
Looked not in the past
But the genuine heart
Of the son safe at last.

Bring out the best clothes
Food, music, dance
Tonight we’ll be merry
For a son safe at last.

Inspired from ::: Luke 15 : 11 – 24 

Ode to Core Dump

Give me your segmentation errors,
Give me your core dumps.
Give me lumpy porridge
And black and blue thumbs ….

Throw me in some pseudocode
Throw me in some C
Throw me in the ocean
and say goodbye to me …

No I’m not going looney
Never happened yet
But just give it a little time
Comp sci will see my death!

Railroad to the Island of Long

In the belly of the beast I sit,
It’s quiet purr resonating;

On tracks of steel it glides,
Seats reverberating with the low hum
Of it’s metal heart;

A rapid, rhythmic beat resounds
As it rushes to it’s destination.
Metal on metal, it slides to a screeching halt;

The Price of Apples

It costed me a dollar, when I bought two.

I was in a hurry, and saw them there,
Red and round, kissed by the morning-time dew.
Making my purchase I thread down the stairs
To the sound of your voice as you declared
“Some coffee or tea or food for me please”.
All rushing by, no one yourself engaged.

At the bottom of the stairs I stood still
A frown, looking down, then turning around
“How about an apple?” our eyes connect
“Oh, yes, that is fine” then onward I went.
To me just a dollar, what about you?