Well that’s interesting…

arousing curiosity or interest; holding or catching the attention

One of the most overused words in my vocabulary is the word interesting. I know this because I use it many times a day to describe things that might (or might not) be interesting to me. So I’ve decided, time to shake my vocabulary up a little, here are some other words that I promise to use in the place of interesting.

engrossing | fascinating | riveting | gripping

appealing | enlightening | absorbing | compelling

intriguing | engaging | astounding | immersing

enthralling | entertaining | diverting | stimulating

And if I find something that isn’t interesting, or only mildly so, here are some words to use for that.

dull | tedious | insipid | pedestrian

ponderous | monotonous | drab | flat

laden | stodgy | jading | jejune


On repeat: Baby Boy by for King and Country


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