December’s Dottie Box


Ok, this is my last Dottie Box (and thus post about it). I signed up for three boxes but I think I’m going to keep this subscription (though not post every month about it). All the boxes so far have been great and I’ve used pretty much everything in them, and this holiday box is excellent!


Inside, the first thing I pulled out was a necklace from Sundrop Jewelry, a gorgeous blue pendant on a fine silver chain made by Tawny from CA who uses magnified sunlight to melt old glass into drop shapes for jewelry – geeky and cute, I am sold! Her site has a lot of great pieces, if you’re shopping for unique gifts.


The next was a print from Spoon Lily Designs, I like the idea that the folks at Dottie Box did, in the picture on their Instagram, of placing the design in a red frame, very festive! There are some really cute prints on the site. I think I might put this on the wall of my cube to make it festive.


Next were these gift tags from Dinglewood Design and Press. They do a lot of different designs for many occasions and work with you to create a unique design for you.


Finally these festive candles from Scent Xpressions, which smell so delicious you can practically eat them. Actually, I’m just going to wrap up this post right now, put on some Christmas music and light one of these candles.


On repeat: Christmas Time by Christina Aguilera

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