Five Things (10)

These five things are brought to you by all that jazz!

The bee’s knees and the cat’s meow! 

Twice a year, Governor’s Island takes a step back in time to the era of flappers, speakeasies and jazz. Michael Arenella & his Dreamland Orchestra throw a 1920s themed party where men and women dress up in their 1920s rags and picnic on Governor’s Island lawn. This year I got to partake in the celebration.

I didn’t go in costume even though I purchased a dress from Modcloth for the event. I decided that I didn’t like it and ended up sending it back the week before. I did buy a cloche hat from Modcloth, and I had my pearls, so I felt a bit in the spirit of things. To be quite honest, I felt a little underdressed for the event, so many people went all out, I was impressed!

I took a picnic – fruits, cheese and crackers – with me and my friend and I had a feast! We got a spot close to the dance floor and spent a few hours eating, chatting, people watching and having an all around good time. I’m so happy I went, I almost didn’t, ALMOST, but in the end I am so happy I did go! It was exciting, there was a contagious excitement in the air. I am looking forward to next year, I hope to attend both sessions.


Wedding, the first

The first wedding of the season happened on the first weekend in August and I caught the bouquet. It was a sweet ceremony, the food was delicious, the bride was gorgeous and the groom was dashingly handsome, and there was a lot of dancing with friends, overall it was a fun time!

I didn’t mean to catch the bouquet. I was hiding out in the back, minding my own business, when it came flying through the air at me. I stepped out of the way and it landed with a thud on the floor. I looked around and no one was picking it up so I did, unthinkingly, and tried to hand it off. No one would take it, so I was left with it.


Wedding, the second

The next wedding happened the following week, in Wyoming. To get to Cheyenne we flew into Denver and then drove to Cheyenne. The morning of the wedding we ran the 3K in support of breast cancer. I didn’t run the entire way, but when I was running I didn’t feel winded at all, which in itself is a success. The wedding happened that evening, and it was a great time. I enjoyed hanging out with old and new friends, we had some fun times in the city.

Cheyenne is really fun! There was a farmer’s market that day, so after the run a few of us ventured into the farmers market and I came away with some jam, tea and a taste of the best organic, grass fed, real cow meat I’ve tasted – ever.

Oh, did I mention that I got me some cowgirl boots?


632 on Hudson

I attended a networking event at 632 on Hudson, the food was catered by Gotham Bar and Grill – it was delicious – but the place was the best! The place was amazing. So beautifully laid out, each room had a different feel to it but it worked. I spent some time on the roof with my coworker, chatting and enjoying the view. It was a lovely time, I’m so glad I got the opportunity to attend.

Showers galore!

Along with all the weddings comes showers and I got the opportunity to plan and implement my friend, J’s, shower! It was supposed to happen outside, but with the threat of rain we moved it indoors.

I like event planning, I like coming up with ideas and seeing them come together so it was a lot of fun for me planning this event. But, at the same time I grew to appreciate event planners. It’s a lot of hard work! There are so many little things and details that you need to consider in order for things to go out without a hitch. If I’m being honest, I must have been running on adrenaline all day long because I’m not sure how I managed to pull it off! Everything came together, everyone had a good time and in the end that made me ridiculously happy!

The party was hosted by a friend of ours, who helped a TON in the setting up! When the guests arrived, we served them drinks – I found this great virgin mimosa concoction online, and I knew my bride loved OJ but not alcohol, so it was a great find. You mix 2 parts OJ, 1 part Seltzer water and 1/4 part Elderflower syrup. The elderflower syrup is what makes the drink. I discovered this wonderfully delicious drink/syrup only this month!

We played the wedding taboo game, but instead of clothes pins or hair clips we used bangles. We also played  the he said/she said game and I got the idea to use mustaches and tiaras from a blog online. We gave away jewelry trees for the big prizes and necklaces for the smaller ones, and these gifts made the perfect – non floral – centerpieces (I have a thing about flowers off the plants).

The food was catered by a woman from the church and it was delicious. I’d recommend her to everyone! She doesn’t have a website but I can pass her information along if you want someone to cater for you.

Planning events are difficult, but seeing happy guests is rewarding. Hats off to all you party planners out there!


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