Five Things (5)

This version of FIVE THINGS is brought to you by Relient K’s Wake Up Call, because it’s 2am.

— Thing One —

I love Easter for a number of reasons, first there is the fact that it’s the day Christians remember, not only the sacrifice and suffering of Christ, but also the fact that he rose from the grave, victorious, conquering death. Secondly, I love that I get to spend it with friends and family. The planner in me also loves seeing plans come together and people having a good time. I’m very happy to be a part of my community of friends, they really are a group of fun and interesting people!

— Thing Two —

I don’t usually get to hang out with many of my cousins as much as I would like to, but the times we do hang out are always lovely. I am glad I got the chance to enjoy dinner and  a movie with D&A – even if the movie was Temptation, and even though Kim was the best actress in that entire flick. I love the openness, candid talks and crazy laughter that we experience together. I love getting to know them and see them grow into who they are and I enjoy our differences and similarities. Family is awesome.

— Thing Three —

“Turn up the car radio we can be karaoke superstars!” You know that moment when you chose a song from Wicked to sing at karaoke, and someone else in the room knows the song so you don’t have to sing both parts by yourself. And then you decide to do What is this Feeling? because you’ve always wanted to do it at karaoke but couldn’t because no one else knew the song? Yeah, that feeling is awesome.

I love karaoke! I especially love it when you have the right crowd to belt out show tunes and old tunes, it makes for an epic night. 🙂

— Thing Four —

Brunch at Sarabeth’s is, quite frankly, amazing! Breakfast is probably my favourite food to consume, and Sarabeth’s (even though the wait was crazy!) serves some really good breakfast! I spent a Saturday there with my college friends, celebrating an upcoming birth – it was a lovely time! Great company, great conversation and fun all around. I like being able to hang out with my college friends and share in the milestones of their lives. I hope this lasts for a very long time. =)


— Thing Five —

Since I’m the only one “out east”, I often go “west” to see my friends, but when they make it out this way I can’t help but feel loved! Thanks to my friend who drove out to have dinner and coffee with me as we chatted about serious and not so serious things. I really appreciated the time and really enjoyed the conversation. And let’s not forget good coffee at quaint  coffee-shops. Who knew my neighbourhood hid such an awesome gem …

~ * ~

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