Until we meet again

Until we meet again

Today your body was placed in a box and placed in the earth. I stood, watching as the earth accepted you to herself, and grieved that you have left us. You were too young.

Listening to stories from Danny’s past reminded me of the times we’d drive out to the edge of the island and he’d tell me stories of his childhood. The main theme that ran though all these stories – something I don’t think he even noticed – was his selflessness when it came to his friends and family. It’s not hard to say good things about him because he was inherently good.

I’m very glad to have known him and to have so many great memories of Danny. Even in his death he still inspires. It’s hard to imagine that someone could be so swiftly taken from this world, but it happens all the time. I want to make sure that no matter what, I always have time for my family and friends.

Danny, you are missed, but your stories live on and one day, I am so happy that I will see you again. Until then…



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