Five Things (2)

Can you believe it’s already February? January was so busy for me it seemed to fly by; and there have been so many changes in 31 days that 2013 is turning into a mini whirlwind. But, with the wind there have been little quiet moments that I am grateful for, so, today’s five things feature on the quietness (and fun-ness) of friendships.  

— Thing One —

Mondays get a bad rep, they are the first day of the work week, the weekend is still fresh in our minds causing the next weekend to seem so far away. However, I’ve found that Mondays can be fun when you have something to look forward to, and having some plans (or spontaneous movie outings) on Mondays made them, well, fun days! =D

Also, any day is amazing with good and cheap food. The Hummus Place is wonderful!  I absolutely loved it and since having some hummus there  I find that I really want to go back … soon!

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to another fun day, where I’ll be having tea with an old workmate! Bring it Monday!

— Thing Two —

I went wedding dress shopping with J; and WOW, what an process! Going to appointments, trying on tons of dresses to find the right style, dealing with pushy sales people – or none existent ones – how do brides deal with this? Wedding dress shopping is anything but quiet, but when you see your friend picking out THE dress for her big day, well, it’s definitely something special. I’m so happy that I got the chance to share in this special moment.

— Thing Three —

Which leads me to thing three! Girly time!! I grew up among a lot of guys. It’s not that difficult being friends with guys. Like the same things, talk about those things and you’re pretty much golden. So it took me a while to develop decent female friendships because females like to talk about topics that guys don’t necessarily sit around chatting about for more than a minute. Females tend to dissect a topic, dig deeper into it, and all of this is done over appetizers.

The female friends that I have are all brilliant! I just loved the time I got to spend with so many of them in January. Hanging out, talking about life, sharing intimate details and desires, it’s really wonderful and refreshing 🙂

Also, I do love the way our conversation has evolved over the years, from school and assignments to more grown-up things. I also love the topics that haven’t really changed over the years – will we ever understand boys enough to stop discussing and dissecting them? “So every time I turned around he was standing next to me, regardless of where in the room I was, yet he didn’t introduce himself or talk to me? What’s up with that?”

— Thing Four —

I’ve always been a fan of board games. Growing up, I’d play them with aunts and uncles from time to time; one of the favourites was Pay DayWhen you have the right set of people and a fun board game, time seems to fly by.

It was a busy week leading up to MLK day, and even busier weekend. Unexpectedly so, since I double booked the weekend then had to do the most uncomfortable task of canceling and rebooking. When Monday came around, I wanted to lay in bed all day and do nothing. But, I am so happy that I got myself up and out of my house to M&J’s place for some board games! I think my friends are the right group of people for playing games; Clue and Electronic Monopoly have never been so fantastic on a wintry day!

— Thing Five —

January ended with an old schoolmate, visiting from Guyana. We went to Tea & Sympathy, watched Warm Bodies – I have no idea what genre THAT movie falls into – and then hung out in Barnes and Noble.

One of the things we did in B&N was read children’s books. I pulled out all of the books that I found entertaining and made her read them; it was fun! There is something about children’s books – especially great ones – that make me smile. I love the quirky ones and the ones with really great art. The next time you’re in a B&N go to the shelves and read a few medalists, I promise you that you’ll leave with a smile on your face.

~ * ~

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