Oh look, 30 years went by in a flash!

The 80s, that’s when I was born, thirty years ago. This is the beginning of my thirty-first year on the earth. I am much wiser for it, and I am about to give you unwanted advice because being thirty means I can tell you what to do.

Or not. Due to my overnight wisdom I realize that no matter how old I get I will never know everything. It didn’t take me thirty years to figure that out, I knew it all along, it just took me thirty years to admit it. So, what should I post about for my thirtieth year? Well, I thought about doing one of those “30 things in 30 years”  or, “30 things I did in my 30th year” thing, but to be quite honest, 30 is a big number, and I don’t really want to come up with 30 things and, since we’re being honest, let’s just admit that you probably won’t have read pass the 7th thing if you’ve even gotten this far. And if you have … why are you still here? There’s no prize at the end of this, no secret thing! I promise you this!

I feel as though, many people get scared of getting older, it’s one step closer to death, but that doesn’t frighten me, for that matter, I welcome it with open arms … now this has taked a morbid turn and you’re all planning on giving me the number to your favourite psychiatrist; you know, the one you have on speed dial.

I’m the Doctor

Ok, enough of that … time to get serious.

I couldn’t resist!

A few days ago I received a text from a friend, she told me that thirty isn’t the end of the world and I smiled. I said I was fine, but it made me think of the many people who turn thirty and feel … well … odd. I won’t say that it’s no big deal, to many it IS a big deal and that’s fine, we all experience life differently. There are all these slogans out there to keep you from rolling up into a fetal position and sobbing, my favourite is, “thirty is the new twenty”. To be honest, I use that phrase sometimes, but let me be clear, I use it in a sort of tongue-in-cheek way. I don’t want to repeat my twenties. Sure, we had some fun times, lots of jokes and lots of adventure, but at the end of the day those days are over and thirty feels like a brand new chapter, a brand new page, a brand new day. And, if in all my life, my 20s were my best year, then what a sad life I’ve lived! I don’t want to ever stop and say that my life will be “all downhill from here”. I want the graph of my life to be y=x! I want my line of experiences to keep growing and life to keep me interested.

So, I’m one of those people who is looking forward to finishing my thirtieth year on earth, because I like the newness of the decade that is before me. Sure, my body is reaching is peak and I’m slowing down and I’m closer to the years where things stop working like they use to, and I have to watch my diet, but hey, that’s part of the adventure right?

Give me a second, I’m going to go show some admiration to my eyes, legs, internal organs, and everything else …

I’ve still got legs!

Ok, I’m back.

I’ve had thirty years of life under my belt, life is a gift, may I use it to its fullest!

Laus Deo…

[PS – if you’ve made it this far, I’d like to reveal a project that I’m attempting this year. Of course, now that I’m revealing it, I’ll probably neglect it. I’m writing … or trying to … I will need your criticism, as long as it’s constructive. Just a note, things like “u suk!” is not constructive. Take a look! Not much is up, but, comment away =) Let the dialogue begin, and if dialogue continues it will also encourage me to write more: Visit Ella Wrytes!]