We got off pretty easy. Irene swept through the neighbourhood and the damage was mostly power outages.

outages across Long Island

Which is not such a big deal compared to the 25 (last count I heard) lives lost or the houses flooded or the roads lost.


My main inconvenience is no internet, which, a drive to the closets Starbucks and a wait around for a plug solves. The trains were down so there was no way to commute to the city. Otherwise, everything was pretty normal.

I don’t know when my electricity will come back on, but every time I want to complain I think of those who were hit worse and I stop myself.

Sometimes my privileged self is pretty annoying.

How to Succeed on Broadway!

Rising before the sun, my friend and I headed into the New York City to stand in line at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre’s box office to get rush tickets. We were aiming for 8 a.m. but got there around 7:45 to find a 15 people queue – I asked the first in line, they were there since 6 a.m.).  I stayed until 9:30 and then left for work; 30 minutes later I got a text saying we got the tickets! yay! =)

If you want to try rush tickets, check the website for details. The show was definitely worth getting up before the sun!

The set was very simple, just a few coloured rises that moved on and off stage when necessary, the backdrops, office furniture and box designed to look like a lift. Very simple, but very well done.

Scene from Coffee Break (image via

The costumes were mostly business suits and dresses. I absolutely LOVED the colours, I would wear some of those styles to work! For some reason the costumes reminded me of Annie (the movie, I haven’t seen the Broadway show).

The story  follows a young and ambitious J. Pierrepont Finch (Daniel Radcliffe), a window washer at the beginning of the story, and his climb up the corporate ladder.

As J. Pierrepont Finch climbs the corporate ladder, a secretary Rosemary Pilkington, played by Rose Hemingway, has set her eyes on making him her husband. Meanwhile Biggley’s nephew, Bud Frump, played by Christopher J. Hanke, is trying to blackmail his uncle into giving him a higher position.

Daniel Radcliffe did a great job! It took me until Act 2 to remember that he English and was using an American accent, he blended in so well! Also, I was pleasantly surprised by his singing and dancing skills. I can see Daniel going a very long way with his acting career. John Larroquette who played J.B. Biggley, the head of World Wide Wickets, was one of my favourites in the show. His character was quite hilarious and probably the one that provided the most laughs for me. I also loved Christopher Hanke, he did a great job in portraying Bud Frump and adding more laughs to the show.

I listened to the songs before the show (on Spotify) and didn’t think I would get the soundtrack , but, after seeing the show, I think I’m going to getting it! Some of my favourite songs were Coffee Break (hilarious and great choreography), Paris Original (such a funny song!) and Brotherhood of Man – I think Daniel’s dancing skills shone through on this one, see video below from the Tony Awards.


Great show, wonderful production. I had a fabulous time!

Maggie … oh my

I cannot decide whether this book is a big joke or a real book. The description reads:

This book is about a 14 year old girl who goes on a diet and is transformed from being extremely overweight and insecure to a normal sized girl who becomes the school soccer star. Through time, exercise and hard work, Maggie becomes more and more confident and develops a positive self image.

First, let’s take a look at the cover. There is a girl, who we can probably assume – with great accuracy – is Maggie. Maggie is holding up a dress that does not fit her. In the mirror Maggie is seeing a skinnier girl who fits the dress.

Next, let’s look at the description. Maggie is overweight, and insecure but a diet transforms her from an overweight, insecure girl into a normal size – skinny and pretty. The only good thing – and I use that liberally – is that the diet is through time, exercise and hard work.

What upsets me most about the book is that it might lead young girls to think that in order to be happy they must be thin – or, as the author so tactfully puts it, normal size. This doesn’t promote health as much as it promotes low self-esteem. Yes, let’s hand this book to young girls who might already be suffering from low self-esteem and tell them that in order to be more confident they need to lose weight.


Teatime at Podunk Tea

Po·dunk : a small, unimportant and isolated town. [MW]

When you walk in, you might wonder whether you’re walking into someone’s living room or a tea room; there are teapots everywhere, mismatched furniture and bookcases filled with books. However, Podunk is a tea room that offers a variety of dishes, from scones to sandwiches to deserts, as well as many kinds of teas.

Sitting on a lawn chair, surrounded by teapots and books make for great bookish conversations.

The food was pretty good as well!