And the Oscar goes to …

Today is the Oscars, and I’m going – for the first time – to an Oscar “party”. That “party” part is stretched, after all, it will be 4 of us, flicking back and forth between the basketball game and the awards, though, cheese might be on the menu. Yes, we can party.

I don’t really care about the Oscars, to be honest, I’ve never cared about any award shows, but I do love hanging out with close friends. However, since we are having an Oscar party and I am competitive I created a form where we can input our answers before the awards to see who guessed the most correctly.

My Hopeful Winners

Not really sure how those will work out, but if I were to go by Mashable’s predictions and their voice of the people via Twitter then I have 50% correct. If I were to go by Foursquare’s checkins then I’m only good with my Inception choices.

In any case, I will enjoy the the companionable night and the cheese.


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