New York Secrets: Street Food

Our Locals Only stamps

The streets of New York City are littered with street vendors. Some sell souvenirs and little knickknacks and others sell food. One of the best hotdog eating experience is getting it from a street vendor. I’ve been told that one of the best chicken and rice is the vendor on 53rd Street and 6th Ave. People love buying the roasted nuts, especially in the winter. No one thinks twice of these things. So when my friend, Evie, told me that she had passes for two to sample food from a food truck where the meal was cooked by a top New York chef I was game.

NBC got a few chefs to leave their kitchens for a day and make gourmet food for New Yorkers in a food truck. The locations were secret and you had to have a password to get stamped to get food. Our street cart was run by Chef Daniel Boulud owner of DBGB Kitchen and Bar.

Only the best sausage ever!

I got the sausage and Evie got the burger. The dessert was a kind of parfait, but whatever it was it was delicious.

Chef Boulud was a pretty funny and high energy guy. He had a great personality and was quite hilarious while sharing the food. “Sausages! Burgers, where are my burgers!!.”

It was quite an experience. What can I say, gourmet food by a famous chef from a street cart is full of YUM!

Waiting in line to for food.

The chef

The food cart

Juiciest burger

Amazing dessert

Daniel Boulud

Serving the meal