Things I’m Loving

Lately there have been a few things that I was introduced to that I’ve been loving, so I thought I’d share!

modcloth lace hoodie

First, I was YouTube binging and came across a Lauren Fairweather video where she talked about her Etsy shop branding and a giveaway featuring this lovely hoodie. I hopped on to Mod Cloth right away, found it and ordered it. I absolutely love this hoodie! I wish there was a way I could incorporate it into every outfit. I’m seriously considering getting the grey and berry versions of it as well.

During the YouTube bing I found Carrie Hope Fletcher whose videos are both hilarious and thoughtful. Carrie also plays Eponineย on West End’s Les Miserables and in a lot of her videos she says things that I’ve been thinking about/saying for a very long time.

After watching Carrie’s videos I saw one with her and her brother Tom, which lead me to his channel and to this video, which is a cover done by him and his wife of Love Is On The Radio a song from Tom’s band McFly – who is now joining with Busted to form a new superband. Busted sang Year 3000, which was covered by The Jonas Brothers and I believed featured in a cartoon movie.

So, basically I’ve been listening to McFly songs, the above included. I love their style, and am definitely curious to see how the McBusted style plays out.

I absolutely loved reading this book. One of my faves of the year so far. I reviewed it over on my book blog so I won’t go into the details butย Iโ€™d highly recommend it if you want a strong story about life after war and how it affects family. Also Laurie is a great fiction writer.

Well, that’s it for now, my January faves. ๐Ÿ™‚


Matilda: You will soon C there’s no escaping Trage-D


Matilda: The Musical has a cast of extremely talented kids, a catchy score and a story that will touch your heart.ย 

The first time I felt the urge to see Matilda on Broadway was when I saw the cast perform Revolting Children on the Tony Awards. I did some Youtubing and found some videos of other bits from the show then I did some Spotify-ing and listened to the soundtrack, I was hooked! I had to watch this show.

Finally, I got the chance! The cast is mostly children and they did an excellent job acting and singing. There was definitely a lot of energy to the show and Miss Honey and the Trunchbull were excellent, though I think my favourite adult actor in the show was the Librarian, she was so funny!

The set was decorated with letters and sometimes had some amusing bits (“Soot” in the fireplace). The kids did a lot of the rearranging of the set, moving props on and around the stage. I think my fave part was the school gate when they sang the School Song and stuck the letters in the gates. That’s one of my favourite songs in the show.

I can go on, it really is one of the cutest shows on Broadway. And can I add that they made a Doctor Who reference? Awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Something has changed within me, something is not the same. I’m through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game. – Elphaba; Wicked

The Bletchley Circle

The Bletchley Circle

The four women in the Bletchley Circle worked together in a top secret department during WWII. Years later they moved on to ordinary civilian lives (more or less). Susan, the main protagonist, hears about a series of gruesome murders over the radio and notices a pattern that everyone else seems to miss. She calls in the help of her Bletchley Park friends and together the four women solve the crime.

Absolutely LOVED this show and I’m so glad to hear that they have been renewed for a second series coming this Spring!


If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. โ€• Mark Twain

My Netflix Queue – Top Ten

Now it’s called “My List” … I really like the old way. But, I digress, here is what I’m watching on Netflix!


Though I’m sad that, with the recent popularity of Doctor Who, the seventh season has not been made available, I’m still keeping this up on my queue and in the first spot!


I have to take Torchwood a few episodes at a time because some of it is a bit over the top. But, I love Captain Jack Harkness so I will continue to watch it. Also I find that this is one of the few spinoffs of already established TV shows that I love and it was the show I found before I even became a fan of Doctor Who!


I don’t rewatch TV shows a whole lot, but I have seen the first two series of Sherlock three times.


I dropped this on there recently because I wanted to give it a second change. I saw this a long time ago and for some reason couldn’t get into it. However, given my recent tastes in TV shows I feel like I might enjoy it this time around.


See above, similar reason.


Bones is by far one of my favourite TV shows. I’m not usually one for character arcs in my crime shows but the character growth in Bones is excellent!


Are you beginning to see a trend in shows I watch? Psych, part Sherlock, part Bones. I like this sorta stuff!

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 9.11.12 AM

This is a show about Merlin, you know the wizard in King Arthur’s time? It’s a really fun watch!

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 9.11.23 AM

An oldie, I grew up watching Columbo. He’s a seemingly bumbling detective and this is what throws people off. He always ends up catching his guy because he’s intelligent and outwits the crooks.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 9.11.31 AM

Seeing my number one, I hardly doubt I need to explain my number ten.

** all screenshots were taken from Netflix!


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