InstaReview: Emmy and Oliver

I’ve started a new thing on my Instagram where I write short reviews about books to which I would give 4 or 5 stars. I started this mostly because I didn’t want to write long reviews (read, I’m lazy), but I also wanted to share the books I really enjoyed reading with as many people as possible, and for me, Instagram is one of those social platforms that I use the most, publicly.

[Caption] Emmy & Oliver 👫  is a story about family, friendship and how a town is affected by a shocking crime.

Emmy and Oliver were neighbours and best friends when Oliver was kidnapped by his dad. Ten years after the incident, Oliver is found in New York and brought back home, but things cannot go back to the way they were because in ten years a lot has changed.

Robin Benway did a fantastic job showing the way the main characters were affected by the incident. Emmy’s family became overprotective, Oliver’s mom hysterical, and Oliver himself had a completely different perspective on the incident. I was pleased with the friendships (outside of Emmy and Oliver) but, I wished we saw more. When Oliver reappeared it was as though Emmy’s other friends took a backseat.

After reading this book I did listen to a few more Beatles songs. (Hello, Goodbye anyone?) It’s a quick and sweet read but grab some tissues, just in case. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ .